Wuzzles Puzzles

Wuzzles Puzzles – Flex your mental muscles with these fun word puzzles

So what are WUZZLES?


Wuzzles were made popular by Tom Ecker who introduced these puzzles through syndication in over 50 newspapers starting in the early 1980s.

Wuzzles are also known as rebus puzzles, but I’m sure you’ll agree that Wuzzles Puzzles is just more fun to say! These type of puzzles date back to the Persian Empire more than 2,000 years ago.

WUZZLES word puzzles contain clues in the form of words, letters, figures and/or symbols positioned in a way to represent a well-known or commonly used word or phrase. The trick to solving a WUZZLE is to figure out their missing “concept” because the concept are things such as over, under, in, on, before, after, between to name a few. Therefore combining these clues will help you solve the puzzle in no time.

Most importantly Wuzzles are fun and challenge our minds to problem solve in different ways. In addition to strengthening your own way of thinking, these are great exercises for team building.

Here are a few simple examples of these kinds of puzzles.


Noon Good

Answer: Good afternoon


Answer: Foreign policy

Here are the common way Wuzzles Puzzles appear in box format. Each box is an independent Wuzzles Puzzle. Sometimes clues or text can not only appear inside of the box, but also outside, to fully express the puzzle.

Wuzzles Puzzles Image

1) Over My Dead Body

2) Somewhere over the Rainbow

3) Get in Shape

4) Backing Up

5) Right between the Eyes

6) Shot in the Dark

Come back soon for more Wuzzles Puzzles. We will be adding more content to provide you with many examples of Wuzzles Puzzles that you can try or share with your friends. Keep your mind sharp and have fun with your family and friends and see who can solve the puzzle first. We look forward to providing you  a weekly supply of puzzles that you can enjoy here or even receive them by email. Stay tuned to these future updates.